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Travel buddies: the best supplements to pack for your holiday

School’s out! It’s the end of the school year and many of us are preparing for holidays.

Whether you’re holidaying with family, with friends or taking a solitary backpacking adventure in unknown lands, this is your time to breathe. This is your time to de-stress and recharge your batteries with as much positive energy as you can before you return to your everyday life.

When packing, along with the bathing suit and sunscreen, don’t forget about the supplements! Some of them you take on everyday basis and there is no reason to stop on holidays, others can help to address common issues associated with travels.

Travel sickness: Nausease

Travel sickness is no fun. It ruins plans to the point when, instead of looking forward to good times you’re looking around for the sick bag. But be queasy no more! We have some good news. Our Nausease capsules are the natural way to beat nausea. They contain Vitamin B6, Ginger, Magnesium and Quercetin in proportions to help you forget  the issue. Simply take a capsule one- hour before your flight or car/train ride.

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Long travels with children: Kids L-Theanine

Is the prospect of long car journeys with the all-too-common backseat battlefield enough to make you want to stay home? Or do you worry about the stress levels of both you and the flight attendants as your children get bored? Worry no more. Kids L-Theanine may be of help. This supplement contains the natural amino acid found in green tea and known to have a calming effect. This property can help your children to relax during extended journeys. It has been clinically tested on hyperactive children and is completely safe to use.

Jet lag: 5-htp & magnesium

If you’re changing time zones during your holiday, an unpleasant effect is alteration to the body’s circadian rhythms. In other words: jet lag. Surprisingly, jet lag can occur also without time-zone difference. Driving a car for a long time during the night can have the same effect.

A common supplement to address issues with sleep deprivation is 5-HTP plant derived amino acid that helps restore levels of serotonin and melatonin. You can also use the sleep-inducing powers of magnesium.

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tropical travels malaria wormwood
Tropics: Wormwood

Artemisia herb or wormwood has been used for millennia to prevent and treat malaria and other parasite, microbial or fungal related issues common in tropical countries. To stay on the safe side, it is advisable to take 2 capsules a day and avoid tempting fate with reckless eating and drinking from untrusted sources.

Hangover: NAC

Let’s be honest here. Holiday time means there is more chance for over consumption of alcohol. This, besides turning you into a living snack for the mosquitoes as they’re attracted by alcohol, often ends with a hangover. So, if you’ve sloshed down the Sangria or had a bevy of beers NAC is your saviour. NAC is useful in a hangover because it helps your liver to break down and eliminate toxic acetaldehyde – the major hangover cause. To get the best effect from this supplement you need to take it before, during and after the party.

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travel sunburn supplements
Sunburn: Vitamins C, E and D

Holidays are about soaking up the sun, right? But too much sun can cause sunburn. Besides using a good sunscreen, taking vitamins C and E can offer some protection from sun damage to the skin as these vitamins are potent anti-oxidants. And if you overdose on solar rays and sunburn happens, studies shown that taking large doses of Vitamin D speeds up the sunburn healing process.

The good companion: Multivitamin

Holidays are often a time of indulgence. There’s the never-ending breakfast buffet for a start. Or even the opposite – fast meals grabbed in a hurry between one attraction and another. Either way, there’s a chance you won’t be eating your 5 a day and your usually balanced, diet might slip somewhat. This is where a multivitamin can help fill the gaps and ensure you get all essential vitamins.

travel multivitamin

Have a joyful and healthy holiday!

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