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The Postman Always Rings Twice… Does he though?

Wave if you’ve ever experienced the frustration of finding the dreaded ‘sorry we missed you’ card when you were in the garden or in the bathroom? Yep – we thought so.

Not to mention the times you’ve missed a delivery because you’ve been out and there’s been no neighbour to take your parcel in for you. Or they’ve ignored your careful instructions about a safe place to leave the package.

Missed deliveries are more than irritating. They’re expensive in every sense of the word. They’re costly to you in terms of your time because you have to trek off to the post office or depot across the other side of town. The least you have to do is get online and arrange a redelivery in the hope that this time you hit the jackpot and get your package

Supplements Packaging

Most nutritional supplements come packed in the traditional round, tub containers. Order two or three of those from an online retailer and you’re looking at a cardboard box and bubble wrap or plastic ‘pillows’. That adds up to a lot of material for you to dispose of.

So is there a way to avoid missing deliveries, wasting time and trekking off to the post office or courier depot to collect your order? Yes!

We can deliver Most Health4All orders straight through your letterbox!

How? Via our innovative flat, plastic containers, that’s how.

We send our products in rather clever flat containers that form letterbox sized packages, needing nothing more than shrink-wrap to hold them together. Genius!

And there’s more. The shape and size makes them space saving in your cupboard. They stack neatly on top of each other or make a neat row. Kitchen cupboard Nirvana will be yours.

Using your supplements during the day? Nothing easier – our flat bottles easily slip into handbag or briefcase to be on hand whenever you need them: in the office, before the exam or during your lunch break.

Did we mentioned the best part? We offer free UK delivery with every order!

The Christmas season is now upon us. Sunday the 3rd marked the start of Advent. At this frenetic time of year, you need your stock of supplements more than ever. Thanks to our perfect packaging this is one delivery you don’t need to worry about tracking. Well – unless you’ve ordered a tub of our protein shake? But then there’s always the cat flap!

So get stocked up on your favourite supplements and wait for that comforting ‘plop’ as they land on your welcome mat.

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