Ease your weight-loss problems with a diet protein shake

The battle of the bulge“, “I’m on a diet” – the very language around losing weight is negative and sets us up to fail the moment our conscious minds form them.

When we’re young it’s relatively easy – or it should be – to shed those extra pounds. A New Year activity spurt and healthy eating plan ought to move the post-Christmas surplus with ease.

But, when we’re older and perhaps not as agile as we once were we don’t only have negative, undermining discourses to defeat us. Our bodies can add to the problem. The spirit may be willing but the flesh rather weak and unable to face the rigours of the gym. But there are alternatives to eating toothpaste to stave off the hunger pangs and denying yourself everything that’s pleasurable. Life isn’t meant to be an endurance test.

Make it easy on yourself
It goes without saying that avoiding processed foods supercharged with sugar, salt and fat is vital if you want to lose weight. They’ll hurl send you off-piste no question. Not only are typical processed foods stuffed full of nasties they activate your brain’s pleasure spots making you want more. So a bit like being tempted by the devil then?

Thus your first rule of thumb is to eat healthily and to move as much as you can.

But what then? What else can you do to help you get back into your favourite frock or jeans?

Well, there’s good evidence that high protein meal-replacement shake can be that helping hand. And for less money than a chocolate bars grabbed with haste at the supermarket checkout.

Shake it all about
It’s a lie to pretend that reducing your calorie intake is not a challenge. It’s not always easy to eat healthily. However, replacing one or two meals a day with the right meal-replacement shake could be the spur you’re looking for to help you reach your weight-loss goal. How? Well they:

• Help you to feel full while you take in fewer calories.
• Deliver high quality protein
• Can be a motivational factor
• Are quick and easy – helpful for busy lifestyles
• Useful if you struggle to limit how much you eat
• Can lower your fasting blood sugar and LDL cholesterol levels

Not all meal replacements are equal
There are problems with some meal-replacements though. Not least of which is that some of them don’t taste so great or aren’t actually weight reducing.

All too often they are packed to the gills with added sugars and all manner of artificial flavourings and preservatives. In which case you might as well have had that curry and enjoyed a treat!

But the Lean MEal Replacement shake is both those things; It tastes great and aids weight loss.
High in protein and low in carbohydrates the Lean MEal shake will give a super boost to your weight management programme.

Not only does it come in three great tasting, favourite flavours: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, it’s also fortified with blend of ingredients known to help with weight loss: L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Chromium Picolinate and Green Tea Extract.

Speaking of effectiveness, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) authorised the use of “contributes to weight loss” claim only for two types of products; one of them is Glucomannan and the other are meal replacements. That is why we are allowed to say “Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss”.

No pangs of guilt needed here!
We’ve all heard it said that there’s nothing that tastes good that does you good. Or words to that effect. But this is the exception. But don’t take our word for out. Give it a try and discover for yourself how tasty it is and how well it can SHAKE up your weight loss efforts!